Our Case Studies

Delivering support through a collaborative approach and research programmes

As we all seek to deliver demonstrable improvement in clinical, operational and financial stability we look to work with others to build a rich source of evidence through collaboration and research programmes.

The issues and challenges facing the NHS can be addressed through the deployment of replicable, best practice, evidence based solution and believe this can be achieved by working together.

Our ethos:

“No organisation on its own has all the answers. Our trusts are also very different however by coming together with a commitment to share what’s good, we can all teach each other and we can all learn something valuable from each other to improve the care we provide.”

Our range of case studies and research programmes demonstrate and evidence improvement in patient care and experience as well as achieving financial and operational efficiencies which can be replicated in other NHS organisations.”

Our projects

COPD Research

We are leading pioneering research to help reduce length of hospital stay and readmission rates for patients with chronic lung disease.

Our aim is to lower costs for the NHS whilst also delivering a greater service with more benefits for patients.

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