How can trusts benefit from working with Northumbria Foundation Group?

There are many ways trusts can benefit, depending on your organisational needs.  Our aim is to collaborate and share knowledge with aim of helping the NHS, as a whole, to meet the challenges outlined in the NHS Five Year Forward View.


Is there an opportunity to generate savings / efficiencies?

Yes.  We can work with hospital trusts to explore areas where we can work collaboratively to help you to achieve efficiencies based on our experience to date, this also includes staff benefit schemes which generate income for participating organisations.


How does a trust become a member of Northumbria Foundation Group?

Informal enquiries can be made with a simple phonecall – click here for our contact details.  Our model is designed to be inclusive and flexible, enabling hospital trusts to determine services and support based on their needs/requirements.

How does Northumbria benefit from the Northumbria Foundation Group?

Northumbria prides itself on being a top performing trust and is committed to working with others to share knowledge and expertise to improve patient care, quality of care and deliver efficiencies to support the NHS and the wider health and care system.


Can non-FTs or other NHS organisations become a member of Northumbria Foundation Group?



Can other public sector organisations work with Northumbria Foundation Group?



How much does it cost to become a member of Northumbria Foundation Group?

It doesn’t cost to become a member of the Northumbria Foundation Group, there is an expected commitment from organisations who become members to work collaboratively. The aim of Northumbria Foundation Group is to achieve clinical and financial sustainability and as an example, working together we have an opportunity to reduce costs by reducing duplication.