Working with KCMC

For more than 15 years, our organisation has supported a ground-breaking project which sees our staff working in partnership with the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre in northern Tanzania.

Through the partnership our staff can volunteer their time to travel to Tanzania to train their African counterparts and help improve the quality of local medical services.  Our successes include the introduction of laparoscopic surgery and the development of a specialist burns unit. In return, our staff have gained vast experience of delivering healthcare in a remote environment, being exposed to different cultures and the everyday challenges of power failures and broken equipment – all in day’s work.

Our long-standing international links with Tanzania have been held up as a national exemplar by the ‘All Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health’ which recently called for more opportunities for NHS staff to volunteer overseas.

Many of our staff from both clinical and non-clinical services, have greatly benefitted from their international volunteering experiences which have boosted their leadership skills.  As an organisation we are fully committed to continuing to support our staff as part of our on-going international partnership work.