Long-term partnerships

As well as developing relationships with a number of like-minded and innovative strategic partners, both within the NHS and around the world, Northumbria Foundation Group is also developing a long-term partnership model to allow other NHS trusts to become members of the larger multi-hospital chain (i.e. Northumbria Foundation Group) and to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a high performing, ‘outstanding’ NHS organisation.

The Northumbria Foundation Group membership model is currently being developed with the support of NHS England and NHS Improvement and will be focused on being inclusive, allowing and supporting member organisations to work together and benefit from mutual areas of expertise.  Northumbria Foundation Group members will be able to choose from a range of membership options, all designed to help them work more closely together with other group members and strategic partners.

Our partnership work with North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust, which began in 2011 and since 2013 has evolved into official ‘buddy’ trust arrangements, will soon be formalised as part of the Northumbria Foundation Group via a formal management contract.  You can read about our partnership work in North Cumbria by clicking here.