Ribera Salud

We began working with Ribera Salud in 2016 and have since formed a strategic partnership to foster collaboration and exchange knowledge and experience.

In 1997 Ribera Salud began developing the ‘Alzira Model’ – now a highly successful system  in Valencia in Spain which incentivises out-of-hospital care to bring many benefits for patients and the government alike.  Focusing on innovation, flexibility and best practice, the Alzira model includes acute, community, mental health and primary care in one fully integrated system with a fully capitated budget.  Through this fully integrated system Alzira manages to deliver care at a significantly lower cost than many parts of the NHS, presenting many learning opportunities.

Our colleagues in Alzira describe a cultural journey within the healthcare sector whereby people stopped seeing the hospital as the centre of the health system and focussed increasingly on prevention and health promotion – a population healthcare approach with all incentives aligned to support this model.

By working with Ribera Salud, our ambition is to help the NHS to transform services and local healthcare systems so that our reliance on hospital based care in England is reduced and, instead, our efforts are focused on keeping people healthy and well at home.  To do this, we will be exploring new ways of working, new technologies and new systems and processes which have already proven successful in Spain,  to see how they can be adopted and developed for the wider benefit of patient care in the NHS.